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Real estate simply refers to ownership of property in terms of buildings and land which is meant to be rent to other for residential or commercial purposes at a cost in terms of either rent or lease. Real estate in terms of land consists having land in its natural existence either with crops or with natural resources like minerals. Occurrence of real estate has led to setting up of the real estate business. The real estate business refer to the focus of buying and selling property to willing individuals and also renting buildings and land at a given fee. Real estate business has become common investment as it involves little risk and losses. The minimal risk involved in real house arises from the fact that the business is insurable and that occurrence of risks is guaranteed compensation.

Real estates are constructed with the believe to be hired for rentals or for business uses. The rental real estates are meant to house families while the commercial real estates are built up to house business organization like cooperation’s and partnerships who are specifically engaged in profit generation. The only significant difference between residential and commercial real estates is that commercial real estate’s tend to be costly in terms of hire to the residential real estates. The difference in the hiring cost between the commercial real estate and residential estates arises from the difference in size between the two real estates as the commercial estates prove to be larger than the residential estates. Another difference between the two occur as the commercial estates are heavily regulated by the law while thee residential estates are not regulated by the law. The statutes that regulate commercial real estate are no constant but vary from region to region and state to state.

Investing in real estate calls for buying properties like building and lands from individuals who are willing to sell at the quoted price at a given time depending on the location and condition of the property. The investment process can also be initiated by buying shares in firms that deal with real estate and it should be noted that buying a lot of shares puts one a step ahead in the amount of profits to gain in this investment. Real estate investment led to accumulation of profits through appreciation in the cost of the property and by the little installments paid by the clients as rent or lease at the end of a given duration. Profit arising from appreciation of property is mainly recorded in land as buildings are subjected to depreciation. Land as a property record profits from appreciation as it is subjected to gain value with time which is not the case with buildings. Appreciation refers to the gain in the value of a property over time while depreciation refers to decline in the value of a property over given times. Decline in value of properties has been recorded to occur in buildings, vehicles, furniture and electronics. Occurrence of appreciation is the most common method to make profit from real estate.

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