Eleanor is a graphic novel about a dreams, undreams, the apocalypse, and a girl named Eleanor. Or something like that. The story started eleven years ago, on a road trip in the northwest. I wrote out loud while driving, until I couldn’t hold all of the words in my head, so I stopped and scribbled them in a notebook. Once home, I began writing her story for real. The manuscript grew and grew and changed and crashed and was rebooted a half-dozen times over the next decade, until one day I doodled an island, and the sea, and then drew a box around it. And that was it — Eleanor was suddenly a comic book, and I had my first panel. So I thought to myself: I’ll draw a page, maybe three, and see what happens.

I update the site every Monday with a new page. But there’s so much more than just what you see on this site. I’m posting sneak peeks and previews and behind-the-scenes content all the time on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and elsewhere, and you can also read Eleanor on your smartphone and tablet via Graphicly.

About me

I’d tell you I’ve never attempted a graphic novel before, but that would only be sort of true. The first story I ever wrote was a graphic novel. I’m pretty sure it was about the Hardy Boys, their Aunt Gertrude, a basement, and a stubborn ghost.

Truth is, though, I’ve never attempted a graphic novel, and you’ve probably already come to that conclusion. I’m basically learning how to make a graphic novel by making a graphic novel, and I’m happy to say I seem to be figuring it out. Though that doesn’t make it any easier for me to draw people. Which I suppose you could say is a weakness, since my story is all about people.

I live in Oregon, and I’m a creative director at Ziba. And in my spare time, I write Eleanor and other things, like The Man Who Ended the World. More importantly, I’m married to Felicia, the world’s cutest ninja knitter, and we’re the new parents of Emma, a tiny owlet. We also share our home with a small zoo of animals, including a Boston terrier named Dr. Meatloaf and a chinchilla named Mochi.

I have another web site where you can keep up with all of my work, including Eleanor.


Very, very, very occasionally, someone interviews me or writes about Eleanor. Here are those few times!

About the Site

A great big enormous thank you to Tessa Pahkamaa for making this site happen. Anybody needs a kickass developer who is excited about pretty much everything, I know just the girl for you. Hit me up and I’ll put you in touch.