Let’s kick the week off with a relatively manageable meal amongst the grown-ups while Eleanor sleeps in her crib. I can’t predict how long things will remain this civil.

Probably not for much longer than this page, though.

Hey, in other exciting news, I’ve released a (long) short story from my upcoming book, The Settlers. The story is called “Onyx”, and it’s available for 99 cents at Amazon, iBooks and Barnes & Noble. I hope you’ll check it out! Here’s what it’s about:

The last thing that Micah Sparrow wanted was to give up his grandfather’s beach house. The happiest years of his life — from his childhood to his marriage — have been spent right here beside the Pacific ocean. But when Micah’s wife dies unexpectedly, she leaves behind a dream. And as much as Micah loves that beach house, he loved his wife more. So he picks up the dream she never fulfilled.

And he moves to space.

Man has brought Earth to the brink of ruin. Humanity has taken its first baby step into the cosmos, building a fleet of space stations in high Earth orbit. When Micah joins the millions of people who have already stepped off-world, he discovers that the rules have changed, and so has mankind itself.

Onyx is a short story excerpted from the upcoming novel The Settlers: Book 1 of the Movement Series. This trilogy follows humanity as they journey into the depths of space, seeking a future that is anything but certain.

That beautiful artwork on the cover is by Greg Martin, who makes me look like I know what I’m doing.


Happy Monday!