Well, I finally really blew a publish date. My apologies to the handful of you who noticed, and the two of you who actually asked with some concern when the new page might be available. Sorry about that. The last two weeks have been an awful lot of late nights, and last night in particular was a doozy.

But here I am now, and here’s a new page! A simple one, but an important one, as it’s the penultimate page of this chapter. Just one more page left in the chapter, and do we want to lay down bets on whether or not it’s a cliffhanger? (You should bet that it is.)

I like this page. When Felicia and I were in the hospital last December, getting ready to welcome our daughter, we took walks around the empty, five-a.m. hallways, nearly getting lost in a warren of dim corridors. We passed the cafeteria a few times, and each time we did, there was inevitably a lonely soul or two sitting at a table alone, dazed.

Paul’s that guy. And did I hear someone ask where Agnes is?

Well, we’ll get into that later. Suffice to say Agnes is in no shape for the hospital. You might have noticed by now that there’s maybe some bad shit between Eleanor and her mother. And if you haven’t yet noticed, then I just gave you something to look for. Because it’s only going to get worse in coming chapters.

But you’ll see.