To all of the fathers — especially the new ones, like me — I hope you had a killer Father’s Day weekend. I know I did.

Something I’ve enjoyed toying with in this chapter of Eleanor is transitions, and here today is another one, from the calm dark of Agnes’s ruined valley to Eleanor’s waking darkness. This chapter is a skillful — well, that’s my hope, at least — helix of two stories: Eleanor’s awakening in the hospital, and the end of Agnes’s valley. There’s a real connection between these two stories, if you hadn’t already guessed. (I mean, Eleanor’s very birth destroyed Agnes’s solitary dreamspace. We know this already. But there’s a deeper, fresher connection between Eleanor’s accident and Agnes’s dreamworld. We’ll get to it soon. I think.)

Meanwhile, we’ve got a new character to introduce. He’ll get a proper debut next week, but it’s nice to see him finally popping up in the story. This young man is Jack, who figured quite prominently into the prologue of my novel, but who was relatively absent from the prologue of this comic. We’ll be filling in some holes next week to get him caught up.

I’ve been struggling to keep Eleanor going lately — not the weekly updates, which have been mostly on-time, with one or two exceptions, but the new pages that I usually make in the background. When our family moved last month, an enormous amount of our things went into storage. And somewhere among that collection is a little box containing the last 11 years’ worth of Eleanor notes… including the storyboards for Chapter 3, which I am still working on. I’m dreading the gigantic task of rummaging through that collection of things to find that one small box, and so I’ve put it off. But I’m starting to run out of Eleanor pages to share with you — there are several weeks to go, but anything less than 20 weeks of ready-to-go content worries me. Maybe unnecessarily so, but it’s the way I’m built, I guess.

So that’s my challenge for the week: to get back to making new pages, and giving you sneak peeks at what’s coming. Because it’s some pretty awesome stuff, I must say. In the meantime, check out my Tumblr if you haven’t already. I’m keeping it full of the usual little meeting sketches I do at work every day. Lately there’s a good amount of Iron Giant and Rocketeer fun happening there.

Happy Monday, everybody!