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Chapter 2 tells a couple of parallel stories, though in different time streams. In case you feel a bit lost this week — after all, last week saw Eleanor leap off of the cliff inside her mind again — then perhaps that bit of context will help. Today we’re beginning the second story of this chapter. It’s Agnes’s.

The last time we saw Agnes’s strange dream valley was way back in Chapter 1. The cabin she had slowly been building had taken a life of its own, and had expanded and completed itself between her visits.

And now we are here again. Rain pounding the windows and the mountains.

In this chapter, just as Eleanor is doomed to revisit the Pacific Ocean and its depths in her dreams, Agnes is, too, haunted by waters. But hers fall from the sky, much like Eleanor herself.

And you know what happens when rain refuses to stop falling.

Here’s a comparable bit of the manuscript that I drew this page from:

The storm has overtaken the valley. The skies above the cabin bloom with bruised clouds. The rain is violent, one hundred million frozen steel bearings like missiles into the soft earth.

Agnes sits in the porch swing outside. The rain turns the earth into stew and sends up a fine dagger spray. Her clothes are soaked, even with the wide porch roof above her.

Beneath the rain she can hear the hiss of what she feared would come. It grows in volume until it roars above the rain. The flood surges through the valley like a wall, illuminated only in glimmers by seams of lightning that stitch the sky. Agnes rocks in the swing. Thousands of downed trees surf the flood, cracking against each other violently.

There’s something dark coming.