I was interviewed last week by DCN about Eleanor. … Want to read Eleanor without waiting for new pages week after week? Click here to get it from iBooks, or here from Graphicly!

Did you really expect anything else from Eleanor today? Last week she awoke from her billion-year coma to a hospital bed and a tangle of tubes and wires. Who wouldn’t burrow back into their own psyche when faced with a reality just like hers?

This is one of my favorite pages of Eleanor’s story. Hers is a life of repeated desperate acts, but in the midst of them, there’s a certain serenity about her.¬†Some of you might remember an early version of this page that I shared last year, as a sort of practice run for getting it right. Both versions of this page are available as prints in my gallery.

Here’s a side-by-side of the two pages — the dry run, and the completed page. I like them both, for very different reasons.

Left, the practice run for page 52. Right, page 52.

Keep an eye out this week for a gorgeous Eleanor pinup from my Caretaker collaborator Tony D’Amato. (It’s so good I regret I never asked him to draw the entire Eleanor story.)

Happy Monday to you!