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So let’s start with the big news of the week: my little comic book is now available on Graphicly, the premier comics app for iOS, Android and the web. I’m extremely excited about this. There’s nothing quite so frustrating as waiting for a single page to come out each week, is there? (I even get impatient to post new ones myself — but as a one-man-show, I’ve got to maintain a schedule I can actually live up to. And one page per week is it.) The cool thing is, though, that all of the pages you’re waiting for… are already done. They’ve been done for awhile, actually. If you follow me on Twitter or you’re a fan on Facebook, then you have probably even noticed that I’m sharing lots of sneak peeks from Chapter 2… which is closer to being finished every day. Hell, I’ve already started inking Chapter 3. (Okay, just one page of Chapter 3, but it’s a great start. It’s a gorgeous page.)

Anyway, now that Eleanor’s on Graphicly, you can read entire chapters in a sitting. Swipe and zoom and there you go. And while you mainline my little comic, be sure to poke around the Graphicly shop, because there are tons of amazing comics in there — from independent creators like me to The Walking Dead and Witchblade and more.

Oh, and yes, these Eleanor issues cost money. Ninety-nine cents per issue. And that’s the most I’ll charge for any of them, ever. Because you can always get them for free right here. But by supporting Eleanor and buying the comic, you make it easier to keep the comic alive and going. (It would, anyway, don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice to be able to present you with each issue as a complete package, not something spread out over twenty-two weeks.)

Beginning with Chapter 2 of Eleanor — which has the delicious title Haunted by Waters — each issue on Graphicly will come with bonus material. So hopefully that’s worth the ninety-nine cents as well.¬†Also, you’ll probably always get to read a complete chapter before it’s ever published fully on the web. So there’s that, too. I’m not sure if anybody ever actually brags to their friends that they get to read something early, but if that’s you, then I’m here to fulfill that dream for you.

On to today’s page: I really don’t like it. Probably shouldn’t admit that, but when you’re writing and drawing a comic and learning as you go, there are naturally some things you’ll be unhappy with. In today’s page, I’m seriously unhappy with the rain. What was I thinking?

So since I’m working on Chapter 2, and Chapter 2 deals with Agnes’s storm in extremely awesome detail, I decided to take a different approach. Look at the page up above one more time… and now check out the stormy page 55, finished yesterday:

Check out the storm that's in store for Agnes in Chapter 2!

Oh, and one more thing to look forward to: A good friend of mine suggested I create a demo of how I create these pages. So while I work on page 56 — a page that I feel is pretty awesome — I’ll be putting together a little behind-the-scenes guide to how it’s done. Not how it’s done for everyone — just how I did it. (With the serious caveat that I’m a guy learning as he goes, so hopefully some comics pros can point out better ways to do it, and I can write a few updates and corrections.)

Tons of new readers this week — welcome, all, and happy Monday for everyone!