Well, I did it. I officially missed a scheduled Eleanor update. Faithful readers know I’m usually pretty punctual — new pages are online by 9am every Monday. There has been at least one day when I missed that informal deadline, but the comic still went online later that Monday evening. Yet here we are, Tuesday night, precariously close to Wednesday, and the new page is just now going up.

Oh, but let me show you why.

Emma Purl. 7 lbs, 2 oz.

Meet Emma Purl Gurley, the lovely and intelligent new addition to our home. She joins a wriggly, bustling family of cats, puppies and even a chinchilla, bringing the number of heartbeats in our household up to a grand total of eight. Big happy home, now happier. Felicia was absolutely amazing, and achieved a 100% natural birth, and won over the hospital staff with her determination and grit. And Emma blew their minds with her alertness and rapid progress on the baby achievement-o-matic scale.

So of course that makes the timing of today’s page just a bit weird, as you can see a very pregnant Agnes having a very pregnant accident. So we’ll just leave it at that for this evening, I think.

Happy week to everybody!