And so the celebration of their first night in the house has finally led us to this moment: Eleanor is on her way.

It is interesting to me that after spending the last decade working on the manuscript and now the comic of Eleanor’s story, the plot thread of her birth is playing out now, as Felicia and I are experiencing that as well. Agnes’s pregnancy is something I can tell now because of ours. (Before, I probably would’ve gotten more story elements wrong. As it is, I’ve just gotten the normal amount of things wrong.) Eleanor’s arrival is still quite some time away, however. Ours is just a few more weeks.

The last few weeks have been a bit rough for comic progress, but I’ve just about finished inking Chapter 2. Just two pages left, and I’ll begin the more shareable process of coloring and lettering, and prepping for release. In the meantime, I’ve continued to sketch ideas during my usual interminably long meetings. Here are a few that hint at some things to come:

Practice for future scenes, perhaps?

One thing in particular that I love about today’s page is Agnes’s certainty that her baby is a girl. Paul couldn’t possibly really mind one way or the other: he’s going to be a dad, and he’s practically glowing. But Agnes knows with a strange sense of confidence that the baby she’s carrying is very much a girl. She knows it as much as she knows that something’s a little… off.

Maybe it has something to do with those strange dreams that started… when?