And so begins Agnes’s secret life. The dream will not be the first thing she has kept from Paul, but it certainly will become the most important one. This dream changes absolutely everything.

Meanwhile, this was a very, very productive weekend for our little comic. While you’re all reading the early pages of Chapter 1, I’ve been working hard to finish inking Chapter 2. On Friday and Saturday I finished pages 57 through 61. Just five pages left in the chapter, and then I’ll be adding color and lettering again. (Keep an eye out, because those are the sessions I try to livestream. It’s a lot of fun to hang out with my readers while I work.)

Here’s a look at the weekend’s progress:

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I’m quite happy with how that first page (and its detail) turned out. But I’m even happier with the final two pages, which at last introduce Jack to the story.

A couple more quick updates:

The Eleanor iPad app is coming! It really is, I promise. We’ve been working out the last couple of bugs and adding more bonus content, and I’m hoping to submit it to the App Store this week, finally! And here’s the best part: readers who download the app will get early access to all of Chapter 1 (Eleanor’s current chapter). You can learn more about the app here.

Also, Felicia and I are just about 5 weeks away from the arrival of our own little girl. (Okay, the doctor is 95% sure it’s a girl, but look what the Cardinals did in the bottom of the 9th of Game 6.) I’ve got a number of updates prepped and ready to go, so hopefully there will be no missed Mondays. But if there are, you’ll know why. We’ve got a name all picked out, and it’s a name fit for a proper heroine. (And a backup name fit for a hero, too.)

Happy Monday, everybody! As always, thank you for reading!