Thanks to everyone who has watched the screencasts recently! If you missed out, you can watch video of me working on the end of Chapter 1 here.

I think the ribbony sizzzzzzzle is quite possibly my favorite thing about this page. There’s just something about a finished page of artwork that isn’t quite complete without a few great¬†onomotopoeias. My second-favorite thing is probably the egg yolks.

Agnes and Paul are waking up from their first night in their first house. Everything feels real this morning, as if breakfast puts the final stamp on their new life. The manuscript pages that influenced this page detail the difficulties they had in buying their first home: Agnes’s father loaned them the down payment, despite not liking Paul one bit.

The book even spends time unpacking with Paul, and introduces Eleanor’s namesake:

When she finds Paul in the garage again he is removing framed photographs from one of the boxes. He reaches deep into the box to retrieve another one, and there comes the hard scree of glass shaping glass.

Ooch, Agnes says, cringing at the awful sound.

Paul turns the frame so that Agnes can see the photo. I always liked this one, he says.

The frame has split. The glass is splintered and crushed. Behind it the photo is many years old, a fading sepia picture of Eleanor Norman vamping on the diving board of a backyard above-ground pool. She wears a modest white bathing suit with frills and turns that hide the details of her figure, but it is a surprisingly lovely one. A white bathing cap hides her dark curls from the camera. She wears a sly, luminous smile, much like the one Agnes flashes when she is feeling coy.

Maybe one day I’ll get the novel published, too.