Really awesome news: Now you can purchase prints of “Eleanor’s Leap”! (Makes an excellent gift for your fellow Eleanor fans!) Click here for more info!

So this was fun: Early in the week I sat down with Jacques from the excellent Neatorific, and we talked about Eleanor, making webcomics, and a whole lot of things. The interview’s up, and you should go check it out!

Alright, on to today’s comic. Somehow we’ve moved through time faster than I expected, and we’ve arrived rather quickly at the last page of Eleanor’s prologue. Eleanor’s story has barely even started, though; on Monday, Chapter 1 begins, and our story takes a deep breath and gets a little bit bigger.

Also: For the duration of the prologue, I’ve been updating Eleanor twice each week. As the wife and I get closer and closer to baby’s arrival (just a few more weeks!), you may notice that updates slow to one per week. I’m going to try to stay far enough ahead of the current page that this isn’t necessary, but it’s probably going to happen either way.

Okay, two cool things I want to share:

The first is a fun little sketch that I did for Neatorific. Here’s Eleanor, wearing a Neatorific robot T-shirt:

Eleanor loves Neatorific!

And the second is this: Starting in mid-October, I’m going to be featuring some Eleanor pin-ups by fans of the comic. I’ve got a few great artists lined up for this already, but if you’re a fan and you’d like to see your Eleanor illustrations featured on the site, then email me for details.

Well, let’s wrap up our prologue today with a kickass recommendation: Mike Maihack’s blog, Buffalog. It’s hard not to hate Mike, actually. He’s one of those guys who just makes this seem effortless. Take his recent Supergirl and Batgirl comic, for example. I wish that had been my idea. While you’re there, take a look at his excellent Cleopatra in Space, and just poke around. The whole site is full of little stashes of gold.

Happy Thursday! Be sure to come back on Monday… we’re going to do a little time-traveling.