She’s fifteen (well, almost). She’s in love — although she hasn’t exactly put the feeling into words like that, not yet, and the boy is none the wiser. Her father sells real estate, and he’s not half-bad at it. And her mother — well, we’ll come back to Eleanor’s mother. Agnes has a story that’s all her own.

Eleanor lives in a little oceanside Oregon town, one of the most beautiful spots in the Pacific Northwest. She’s spending her summer with friends, rowing almost daily to a rocky island called Huffnagle. You know, after the knot. And that’s appropriate, because what happens on the island sets in motion some very tangled consequences.

This is the story of a girl at the top of the world.

For a moment, at least.

Because this is also the story of a girl who never stops falling.

Each week I’ll post a new page — or a couple of new pages — in Eleanor’s little saga. I hope you’ll stick around, say hello, tell me what you think. That’s the best part of this, for me.

P.S.¬†This introduction makes me feel like Garrison Keillor. And that’s not a good thing. So try not to hear his voice when you read what I write, because that would break my heart.

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